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I like bugs, birds, and all matters of things smaller than a quarter. So yeah, there'll be a lot of that around here!

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Do not Lose Hoe

If nergui ends up having sex tonight I’m quitting wow

Some belf tried to hit on him but Nergui has a giant snake following him and that ended up making the guy back off.


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straight people are so weird wtf like heres a drawing of two animals in love but one has eyelashes so you know these are Straight Animals




my achievement for the night

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when your url is literally “[your name]sucks” and you describe yourself as a “a 27 year old nobody doing nothing in particular with their life” and you spend your time attacking other people for making characters that make them happy

maybe the problem is not with other people

like, i don’t know your life, but maybe you should take a look at yourself & ur brand instead of getting salty about other people enjoying the chance to draw characters they enjoy in a community that (generally) doesn’t shit on them for it. (not to mention the fact that you’re speaking directly to a demographic that averages out about 7-9 years younger than you) (also as if a lot of ppl who draw “punk chunky brown girl[s] with piercings” aren’t doing so as a form of self-representation bc wow they exist and have a forum in which they’re not generally being crushed into hating themselves & feeling shunted out of the arts in general as woc suffer disproportionately in the arts w/r/t gallery and museum inclusion/creative industry hiring practices/etc.)

at least wait until any show at all is made starring a character even remotely resembling the one you’re fabricating before shitting on people for wanting it

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I’m glad liking bad anime is punishable with jail time now


I’m glad liking bad anime is punishable with jail time now

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